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an interpretation of Danish design for the new needs of modern society.



A versatile chair that provides extra comfort, through movement and variation in the posture, by maintaining an appealing aesthetics suitable for modern interiors.  


The project responds to the modern tendency of working from home, living spaces as multi-purpose areas. The same furniture is used continuously for eating, relaxing, and also working.  Neera aims to translate ergonomics features of office chairs, often considered as bulky, expensive, ugly, into a product that can fit in the home environment and satisfy contemporary aesthetic standards. 


The key element of the product consists of the tilting backrest; a weight balance system, thoroughly detailed, allows it to rotate backward following the users’ movement of the upper body.


Sinuous shapes characterize the product’s appearance. They are thought to evoke a sense of lightness and simplicity, to counter the bulky and complex look of conventional office chairs.

Collaborator partner:

FDB møbler


Gabriel (textile)


Gesten Badaptering Spa


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